1% cash back is a thing of the past…

I bet you used your credit card today.

Well, if not today, then probably it was yesterday! :)

I’d imagine also that you already have a credit card that rewards cash back for specific categories like: restaurants, gas, travel, etc.., and 1% cash back on all other transactions

Well, not anymore, you shouldn’t use that card for the other transactions, instead, do yourself a favor and get an unlimited 2% cash back credit card.

Although, there aren’t a lot of options, I got you 4 cards -I personally use 2 of them-, and they all:

  • Reward 2% flat unlimited cash…

Couple of weeks ago I opened the App Store and noticed an article about a featured app called “Rakuten”. I tapped on it and got surprised by the idea:

Earn money when you shop with up to 40% Cash Back! Shop at 2,500+ stores AND earn Cash Back on all your purchases — it’s easy!

Shop at 2,500+ stores and earn Cash Back on all your purchases!

I downloaded the mobile app and started exploring it, then I realized I just discovered the cash back treasure…

Since I relocated to US and got married, I’m more focused on controlling my expenses and saving money, so I’m sharing with you some hacks I do (with numbers) to save more money everyday:

1. Do it yourself

The idea is to replace services you are getting consistently by doing it on your own, for example: -Ladies, bear with me here but you will get the idea :)- I noticed that I’m going to the barber every month to get my hair cut and buying beard razors to shave constantly, so, I replaced this with buying:

Today is the World Emoji Day and I have to say “Thank you” to my friend Emoji, the smiling guy with sunglasses 😎.

Thank you for having my back at any situation, I write you to say “Hey 😎” and start a conversation with anyone, I write you to say “Don’t worry 😎” and send a message of confidence that everything is going to be alright, I reply with you when someone praises me and I want to show some funny ego with a “You are welcome 😎”.

Thank you because you are always there when I say “It worked…

I watch a movie every now and then, but when I finish watching a “good” one, I usually say to myself, “WOW! that was amazing!”.

And my definition for “good” is, a movie that challenges me about understanding its story. A movie that involves time: future-present-past, reality & dreaming, imagination & a little of science fiction, open ends & unexpected surprises. A movie that has “Aha!” moments.

But when I watch that type of movies, I experience a group of feelings…

Source Code

The difference between reality & movie fades away

While watching, I hardly feel or remember reality. …

A Medium app on Windows, powered by Cortana & Cloud Syncing!

I really love Medium. In my opinion, it’s the best blogging/storytelling service out there. Medium simply reinvented the “non-microblogging” services again.

Also, I love my Windows Phone. The Live Tiles, Office & Cortana are making me productive every day! ☺

That’s why I started this side-project, “Mediummy”, a Windows Phone & Windows app that acts as a client for Medium.

Prioritizing Features

Before starting the development of Mediummy, I carefully thought about what features to include and what features to exclude -at least in the early stages-. Trello helped me prioritize features.

A story about building simple & amazing apps!

If you are one of those people who follow tech news, most probably, you notice how apps -mobile applications- are changing the dynamics of the tech industry, starting from startups, ending by high-school students learning iOS development.

There are many -so many- apps on app stores, each app is providing certain functionalities encapsulated in a group of user scenarios.

What about apps that focus on only “ONE” user scenario, “ONE” functionality triggered by “ONE” button?

Yes! “Single-Button” apps .. and here is the general user scenario:

  1. User opens your app.
  2. User taps a button.
  3. Magic happens!

Think about it for some time, an app that simply does a “ONE” core function!

Here are some examples about successful “Single-Button” apps:

The Shazam App

The famous app, that allows…

Omar Abou El-khir

Senior Research Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft | Co-founder of Videolator, ImagineCup WW-Winner | Building great products is my true passion!

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