When I watch a good movie…

I watch a movie every now and then, but when I finish watching a “good” one, I usually say to myself, “WOW! that was amazing!”.

The difference between reality & movie fades away

While watching, I hardly feel or remember reality. Sometimes I feel that I’m the main character and I feel bad when things get bad.

Screen boundaries disappear

Specially if lights are low and screen is big enough to let me dive in.

It’s like half-sleeping or dreaming

I feel attached to the extent that I can’t stop or pause the movie, I just want to continue living it.

And it takes me some time to go out of this state

After the movie, I spend like half an hour thinking about it and getting ready to land again on reality. It’s like waking up from a dream, really!

And all this happens, when I watch a good movie.

Senior Research Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft | Co-founder of Videolator, ImagineCup WW-Winner | Building great products is my true passion!

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