The cash back treasure, I just discovered!

Couple of weeks ago I opened the App Store and noticed an article about a featured app called “Rakuten”. I tapped on it and got surprised by the idea:

Shop at 2,500+ stores and earn Cash Back on all your purchases!

I downloaded the mobile app and started exploring it, then I realized I just discovered the cash back treasure…

1. Cash back in store

The app shows you the current cash back rates on all stores and allows you to link your credit card with a store to have cash back in store.

2. Cash back online

And a Chrome extension that sends you a notification with the cash back offers, deals & coupons while shopping -and searching-.

3. [Optional] Even extra +3% cash back on top of existing cash back

If you are using the Rakuten credit card. This means if Nike has 8% cash back, with this credit card it will be 8% + 3% = 11% cash back!

An [optional] credit card for extra +3% cash back!

But how they are making money?

Well, it’s simple; stores pay Rakuten commissions for referring customers to their stores/websites. Then Rakuten pays back a portion of this money to customers.

Rakuten is a simple way to earn cash back at 100s of stores that you’re probably shopping at already.

Sign up and & get your $30 bonus using this link! ;)

Thank you for reaching this far 👏. You can also check my other article to learn how to save an extra $6,000+ in a year!

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