How I saved extra $6,000+ last year!

1. Do it yourself

2. Shop from Costco monthly

3. Get cashback on your credit cards transactions

Green cells indicate the best in category. The “Special” column is the cashback related to the credit card issuer. Discover has 5% cashback rotating on different categories every 3 months, so the average is 1.25% per year.

4. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate

5. Leverage special discounts

A tiny defect in the chair coloring that is almost not noticeable, saved me extra 10% discount from Bed Bath & Beyond.

6. Keep receipts for tax filing

7. Earn money from your everyday actions

8. Use a personal finance app

Bonus: Re-think your fixed recurring payments

Senior Research Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft | Co-founder of Videolator, ImagineCup WW-Winner | Building great products is my true passion!

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