A “Thank you” letter to my friend Emoji

Today is the World Emoji Day and I have to say “Thank you” to my friend Emoji, the smiling guy with sunglasses 😎.

Thank you for having my back at any situation, I write you to say “Hey 😎” and start a conversation with anyone, I write you to say “Don’t worry 😎” and send a message of confidence that everything is going to be alright, I reply with you when someone praises me and I want to show some funny ego with a “You are welcome 😎”.

Thank you because you are always there when I say “It worked! 😎” messaging my friends about something that just got fixed or when I just randomly laugh “hahahahha 😎”.

Although you look a bit different on different platforms (iOS, Windows, Facebook Messenger, …) but you are always cool on all of them. In fact, my favorite look is the Facebook Messenger one, that slightly non-front-facing look makes you even cooler! 😉

Facebook just posted the top 10 most used Emojis on messenger and the top 1 used Emoji per country but unfortunately non of them is you! 🙄

Don’t worry my friend, one day people will realize how cool you are…

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