Since I relocated to US and got married, I’m more focused on controlling my expenses and saving money, so I’m sharing with you some hacks I do (with numbers) to save more money everyday:

1. Do it yourself

The idea is to replace services you are getting consistently by doing it on your own…

I watch a movie every now and then, but when I finish watching a “good” one, I usually say to myself, “WOW! that was amazing!”.

And my definition for “good” is, a movie that challenges me about understanding its story. A movie that involves time: future-present-past, reality & dreaming, imagination…

A Medium app on Windows, powered by Cortana & Cloud Syncing!

I really love Medium. In my opinion, it’s the best blogging/storytelling service out there. Medium simply reinvented the “non-microblogging” services again.

Also, I love my Windows Phone. The Live Tiles, Office & Cortana are making me productive every day! ☺

That’s why I started this side-project, “Mediummy”, a Windows Phone…

Omar Abou El-khir

Senior Research Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft | Co-founder of Videolator, ImagineCup WW-Winner | Building great products is my true passion!

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